Have you ever tried to query Snowflake from your web application? You might have noticed that your queries are taking longer than you expected from the app. The reason for this is you are creating a new snowflake connection every time there is a request from your web app. This adds an additional overhead of ~2s for each request. In this article, we will see how to create a connection pool for snowflake so that you can utilize the same connections to make the queries rather than creating new connections for every request.

I’ve implemented the connection pool on NodeJS…

In the previous post, I had explained how to use the powerbi-client library with Angular for embedding your Power BI reports in a web application. In this post, we will go over some optimizations that could be done to improve the performance of the application significantly. Let’s directly jump into it!

1. Importing powerbi-client through runtime globals

You would have seen the method below to import powerbi-client in Angular

import * as pbi from ‘powerbi-client’;

By importing it this way you are creating one copy of powebi-client in the browser’s memory for each component you import it in. So if…

After searching on the internet I couldn’t find a proper tutorial that shows how to embed a power bi report in an angular and node application. So in this tutorial, I will show you guys how you can embed a power bi report in an angular and node application.

How power bi embedding works:

This is a simple flow chart of the main components of power bi and how they interact with each other. For simplicity, you could think of Power BI Client as the frontend angular app and the Power BI REST API as the backend node app.

This will be a step by step guide for converting an angular project to an android application by using Cordova (The process will be quiet similar for creating IOS apps).

Before we start converting our application we need to install Cordova, Java SDK, Apache Ant, Gradle, and Android SDK for running our android application. If you have already done all the required setup you can skip this section.

Note: You don’t need to enter ‘$’ in front of every command, it indicates that you have to enter the command in your terminal.

Installing Cordova:

  1. You will need NPM(Node Package Manager)…

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